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Below are a list of horses for sale with Crysta Awtry. If you find one you like, or you are looking for a horse. Please contact Crysta Awtry at .

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Prices from 10k to 20k

Big Liberty

Price: $10,000

Liberty is an amateur friendly, even and consistent hunter type TB. He is currently in training and will continue to be shown until sold. 100% sound and sane. Easy to ride, and loves to be outside.

Current video 12-22-2014

W. Faith

Barn name: Faith
Age: 5
Breed: Warmblood
Height: 15.3
Price: $15,000

Faith is a talented young mare with tons of potential. Started slowly and currently. She was shown BN this year at Inavale and is currently being schooled by a 15 y.o. girl in lessons. Faith has even schooled training level cross country fences. She cruises courses at 2'9" and free jumps up to 4'9". She does it all banks, ditches, trakhners, water and then walks quietly on a loose rein. This mare has what it takes to make it to prelim.
Faith free jumping 4'9" 12-22-2014



Prices $10,000 and under


Barn name: Serena

Height: 16 hands

Breed: OTTB

Age: 5

Price: $3,500

Serena is a stunning, deep thinking mare. She truly looks for a bond with her rider and is tuned into there thought process. She needs a quite, and confident rider as she is not sure of the world around her yet. Serena is a joy to ride though. I feel she will join strongly with her owner. Solid walk/trot/canter and a great whoa. She is working on the bridle and started lightly over fences. 

11-5-2014 Video

Diamond Drop

Barn name: Diamond

Age: 4

Breed: OTTB

Height: 16.2

Price: $6,500

They don't come nicer then this young gelding. Diamond is jaw dropping beautiful. He is smart and sweet as he is handsome. Solid under saddle, great hunter movement, with a superior work ethic. This handsome boy will not last long. 

Current video 11-24-2014


Free movement & Free jumping up to 3'9"


Grid work-

Formula One Gold

Barn name:Goldie

Goldie is a sweet and easy going gelding. His name says it all. He has a heart of gold. Anyone who rides him remarks about how easy he is to work with and fun he is to ride. He is extremely easy and uncomplicated to ride. He loves riding outside, and great in all new places. No vices, no bad habits. This boy is like riding a Cadillac. Great gaits, and a wonderful mind. He is ideal for a youth or amateur to bring along.

This is a video of only his SECOND time jumping, and he is with a 15 y.o. student.

Look at my Face

Barn name: Leo
Age: 4
Height: 17. 1 hands, and still growing
Breed: OTTB
Price: $5,500

 Leo is the sweetest boy you will ever meet. We jokingly say we should have named him Clifford the big red dog, because he truly wants to be in your pocket and sleep in your bed. Leo has three beautiful gaits, with massive trot extensions. He is build nicely uphill, and has a wonderful work ethic. Coming along well under saddle, great for the amateur or pro rider. He has even been ridden by youth.  He is so naturally balanced that flying changes come easy to him. He has been started lightly over fences. No vices, no bad habits. Sound and very sane.

Current video on the flat,

Liberty video

First time over fences-


Name: Harley
Age: 12
Height: 16 hands
Breed: APHA
Price: $2,500

Harley is an AWESOME guy. True 16 hand, APHA 12 year old, gelding with TONS of personality! He is more of a flat work/trail riding horse then a jumper, but with a confident rider he will willing do his best over fences. Harley was a pleasure horse for many years, so he has way more "Whoa," then go. He is even an rhythmic, and is a super special guy. He has been used as a youth and adult lesson horse and does best with someone who is at least a confident beginner. There is zero buck, or bolt or rear in this horse. ( that would be entirely to much work.) He bathes ,clips,loads,ties and goes pretty much anywhere. He is solid under saddle, and can be used as a lounge line horse. Great gaits, and a puppy dog personality. He just wants to be your friend. He goes english, western, as well as bareback and goes swimming!
Price will have to increase as time in training does. He has been shown lightly as an open show horse and in low level jumpers.

My Te Fancy Assets

Barn name: Katie

Age: 10

Breed: AQHA

Height: 15 hands

Price: $6,500

Katie is a truly once in a lifetime mare. Anyone can ride her, including young children. Katie is trained beautifully. She is the perfect rail, trail, western pleasure or competitive trail horse. She is started in reining, has worked cows, been roped off of, and will do all this plus move out for hunter under saddle classes. Katie is a great pattern horse and even rides bridless and a showmanship machine.

Katie Bridless

Eileen and Mean

Barn name: Chubbs

Breed: OTTB

Height:15.3 hands

Price: $8,500

Fun, brave and bold, uncomplicated mare. Chubbs is straight forward, with a great jump and flying changes. She is a forward thinking and sensitive mare. Great for a pony club or petite amateur. Chubbs has been shown, great mover and always in the ribbons.